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1.                      Forced abduction from the lateral aspect of the knee causes a fracture. The fracture line is passing through the intercondylar eminence. Which of the following structures will most likely be injured?
a.       Medial collateral ligament
b.      Lateral collateral ligament
c.       Anterior cruciate ligament
d.      Medial meniscus
Answer – (c) Anterior curciate ligament

2.       The ligaments connecting the menisci to the tibia are known as –
a.       Coronary
b.      Arcuate
c.       Transverse
d.      Oblique
Answer – (a) Coronary

3.       Ankle sprain due to forced inversion of a plantar flexed foot is due to injury to –
a.       Anterior talofibular ligament
b.      Posterior talofibular ligament
c.       Calcaneofibular ligament
d.      Posterior fibres of deltoid
Answer – (a) Anterior talfibular ligament

4.       Dennis stability concept is based on which of the following?
a.       2 column
b.      3 column
c.       4 column
d.      5 column
Answer – (b) 3 column

5.                      A young male after sudden unconsciousness, on awakening, finds that both of his arms were adducted and internally rotated. The most probable diagnosis is
a.       Anterior dislocation
b.      Posterior dislocation
c.       Greater tuberosity fracture
d.      Rotator cuff injury
Answer – (b) Posterior dislocation

6.                      After a brawl, a young male presented with inability to extend his distal interphalangeal joint. An X-ray was taken and was shown to be normal. What should be the next step in managing the patient?
a.       Splint
b.      Surgery
c.       Wax bath
d.      Ignore
Answer – (a) Splint

7.       A 12-year old boy presents with a symmetric, expansile cystic lesion in the proximal humerus. All of the following can be done for his treatment except –
a.       Curettage
b.      Intralesional steroids
c.       Intralesional sclerosing agents
d.      Radiotherapy
Answer. : (d) Radiotherapy

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