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1.                      Not a Causes of acute anal pain:
a.       Thrombosed hemorrhoids
b.      Acute anal fissure
c.       Fistula in ano
d.      Perianal abccess
Answer : (c) Fistula in ano

2.                      70 yr old man with prostate cancer was given radiotherapy. The recurrence of the cancer is monitored biochemically by
a.       Androgens only
b.      Prostate specific antigen and carcino-embryonic antigen
c.       Prostate specific antigen only
d.      ALP and CEA
Answer: (b) Prostate specific antigen and carcino-embryonic antigen

3               A   patient has a surgical cause of obstructive jaundice. USG can tell all of the following except
a.        Level of obstruction
b.      Peritioneal deposits
c.       Gall bladder stones
d.      Ascites
ANSWER (b) Peritioneal deposits

4.                      Organism associated with fish consumption and also cause carcinoma gallbladder
a.       Clonorchis sinensis
b.      Gnathisomia               
c.       Anglostronglyoidosis cantonensis
d.      H. dimunata
Answer. (a) Clonorchis sinensis
5                      Rupture of urethra above the deep perineal pouch causes urine retention in which region?
a.       Medial aspect of thigh
b.      Scrotum
c.       True pelvis only
d.      Anterior abdominal wall
Answer: (c) True pelvis only

6.                      Ileal resection for intusussception in adults would be done in?
a.       Carcinoid Tumor
b.      Lymphoma
c.       Villous adenoma
d.      Soft tissue
Answer: C Villous adenoma

7                      All are true about intestinal obstruction radio-graphically except
a.       On lying supine fluid air gap absence does not signify obstruction
b.      Volvulus shows a characteristic appearance on radiograph
c.       Small intestine dilation> 3 cm
d.      Distal  large intestine >9 cm  and proximal  intestine>3 cm
Answer (d) Distal  large intestine >9 cm  and proximal  intestine>3 cm

8                  Buerger disease  all except are true
a.       Ulnar artery and peroneal arteries involved
b.      Neural involvement present
c.       small acral vessels of limb involved
d.      Phlebitis migrans
Answer (c) 

9.                      Next Investigation to be done for painful breast lump in a lactating woman
a.       Mammography
b.      USG
c.       MRI
d.      X
Answer (b) USG

10                      Which of the following is not associated with elevation Right hemi-diaphragam:
a.       Amebic abscess
b.      Pyogenic abscess
c.       Cholecystitis
d.      Subdiaphragmatic  abscess
 Answer. (c) Cholecystis

11                      Not true of hernia is :
a.       Conservative managment        
b.      In Child hernia treatment with herniotomy
c.       Aborshable mesh not used
d.      Long standing hernia increases changes of incarceration
Answer: D long standing hernia increases chances of incarceration

12.                      Stereotactic radiotherapy is used for treatment of   ?
a.       Brain tumor
b.      Lungs carcinoma
c.       Cervix cancer
a.       Renal carcinoma

13                     Patient presents with varicose vein with sapheno-femoral incompetence and normal perforator  management :
a.       endovascular striping
b.      Sclero-theraphy
c.       Sapheno-femoral flush ligation
d.       saphenofemoral flush ligation with striping
Answer: (d) saphenofemoral flush ligation with striping

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