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51.   Aerosol spread leading to epidemics
a.        Legionella
b.       Hemophilus
c.       Influenza
d.       Mycoplasma
Answer. is (c) Influenza.
52.  Which of the following features is not shared between ‘T cells’ and B cells’
a.       Positive selection during development
b.      Class I MHC Expression
c.       Antigen Specific Receptors
d.      All of the above
Answer is (a) Positive selection during development

53.  With reference to Bacteroides fragilis the following statements are true except
a.       B. fragilis is the most frequent anaerobe isolated from clinical samples
b.      B. fragilis is not uniformly sensitive to Metronidazole
c.       The lipoolysaccharide formed by B. fragilis is structurally and functionally different from the conventional Endotoxin
d.      Shock and DIC  are common in Bacteroides bacteremia
Answer. D Shock and DIC  are common in Bacteroides bacteremia

54.  A former from the sub-Himalayan region presents with multiple leg ulcers.  The most likely causative agent is:
a.       Trichophyton Rubrum
b.      Cladosporium species
c.       Sporothrix Schenkii
d.      Aspergillus
Answer C  Sporothrix Shenkii

55.  Farmer presents with the features of high fever painful inguinal lymphodenopathy, vomiting and diarrhea and hypotension.  Which stain will help in the diagnosis
a.       Neisser stain
b.      Wayson’s stain
c.       Alberts stain
d.      McFadyean’s stain
Answer.B, Wayson’s stain

56.  Endotoxin of which gram negative bacteria have no part in pathogensis of disease
a.       E. coli
b.      Klebsiella
c.       Vibrio  cholera
d.      Pseudomonas
Answer (C)  Vibrio cholera

57.  Which of the following agent is not used in erectile dysfunction
a.       PGE2
b.      Vardalafil
c.       Phenylephrine
d.      Alprostadil
Answer: (c)Phenylephrine
58.  True about Penicillin G           
a.       It can be given orally
b.      It is has broad spectrum activity
c.       Used for treatment rate bite fever
d.      Probenecid given along with PnG decrease its direction of action
Answer: (c) Used for treatment of Rate Bile fever 
59.  Cholinomimetic NOT used for
a.       Open angle Glaucoma
b.      Bradycardia
c.       Cobra bite
d.      Myasthenia gravis
Answer: (b) Bradycardia

60.  Side effect HAART therapy all are except
a.       Steatosis
b.      Lipodytrophy
c.       Optic neuritis
d.      Increased cholesterol
Answer: (c) Optic neuritis 

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