Tuesday, April 9, 2013


1.  Fracture of teeth and some injury around mouth
a.       Simple injury
b.      Grievous injury
c.       Dangerous injury        
d.      Assult
Answer (B):  Grievous Injury:

2.  Person had a fight with a neighbor where he assaulted him, he can be booked under ipc
a.       IPC 44
b.      IPC351
c.       IPC319
d.      IPC320
Answer.  (B)351

3.  Double base smokeless gun powder contains
a.       Nitrocellulose AnD nitroglycerine
b.      Pot nitranate and nitro
c.       Pot nitrate and lead
d.      Nitro cellulose
Answer (a) nitrocellulose n nitroglycerine

4.  Blue white colour in UV rays is seen in
a.       Semen
b.      Blood
c.       Pus
d.      Leucorrhoea
Answer: (a) Semen

5.  A conceptus material (Fetus) by police has been brought of 2cm length and 10 gm weight. What is the age?      
a.       2 weeks
b.      4 weeks
c.       5 weeks
d.      6 weeks
Answer. (d) 6 weeks

6.  Choking is seen in
a.       Revolver
b.      Pistol
c.       Shotgun
d.      Rifle
Answer: (c) Shotgun

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