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NOVEMBER AIIMS 2012 QUESTIONS -anatomy physiology biochemistry


1.      True about testis
a.   Ectodermal origin
b.  Gubernaculum attached to caudal end
c.   Surrounded by peritoneal tunica albuginea
d.  28th weak reach at scrotum
Answer: B (gubernaculum attached to caudal end)
2.      Which nerve does not supply gluteal region
a.   Sciatic nerve
b.  Superior gluteal nerve
c.   Inferior gluteal nerve
d.  Nerve to obturator internus
Answer: a (sciatic nerve )
3.      Numbness of little and ring finger, atrophy of hypothenar musles nerve dammaged? 
a.   Palmar cutaneous branch of ulnar nerve
b.  Deep branch of ulnar  
c.   Ulnar nerve before division into superficial and deep branches
d.  Posterior cord of brachial plexus
Answer: C (ulnar nerve before division into superficial and deep branches.)

4.      Root value of long thoracic nerve
a.   C345
b.  C567
c.   C78 T1
d.  C234
Answer: B (C567)
5.      Loss of extension of little ring finger, hypothenar atrophy
a.   Post interosseous nerve
b.  Radial trunk
c.   Ulnar Nerve
d.  Median nerve
Answer: (c) ulnar nerve
6.      Structures don’t come during surgery for vasectomy
a.   Testicular art
b.  Ilioinguinal nerve
c.   Autonomic nerves
d.  Pampiniform plexus
Answer. (b)  Ilioinguinal nerve
7.      Sternocleidomastoid supplied by all except 
a.   Occipital Artery
b.  Sup thyroid Artery
c.   Post Auricular  Artery
d.  Thyrocervical trunk
Answer: c.(posterior auricular artery.)
8.      All of the following organs develop in the mesentery of stomach except:
    1. Liver
    2. Spleen
    3. Kidney
    4. Pancreas
Answer.(c)' Kidney 
9.      Abnormal number of vertebra possible with all except
a.       Cervical
b.      Thoracic
c.       Lumbar
d.      Sacral
Answer. (b) Thoracic 
10.  Ciliary muscle  develops from
a.       Surface ectoderm
b.      Neural crease mesenchyme
c.       Endoderm
d.      Neuroectoderm
Answer: (d) Neural crest mesenchyme 
11.  Epiglottics develop from
a.       1st pharyngeal arch
b.      2nd pharyngeal arch
c.       3rd pharyngeal arch
d.      4th pharyngeal arch
Answer: (d)4th pharyngeal arch
  1. Which is not second messenger?
a.       cAMP
b.      IP3
c.       Guanylyl cyclase
d.      Diacylglycerol
Answer. (c) Guanylyl cyclase 
  1. Regarding blood supply increase in exercise muscle all except
a.       Local metabolite
b.      Sympathetic stimulation
c.       Cholinergic
d.      Inhibition of beta receptor
Answer. (B) sympathetic stimulation
  1. End diastolic volume increases in
a.       Decrease in total blood volume
b.      Increase in intrapericardial pressure
c.       Increase in negative intrathoracic pressure
d.      Decrease in ventricular compliance
Answer.  (C) increase in negative intrathoracic pressure

  1. Right axis deviation seen in
a.       Lying down position
b.      Thin and tall
c.       Obese person
d.      Exercise
Answer. (B)  thin and tall

  1. Internal carotid artery ligation below the carotid sinus
a.       Increase in vasomotor centre activity
b.      Increase in discharge of carotid sinus afferent nerves
c.       Increase in vagal parasympathetic activity
Answer. (A) increase in vasomotor centre activity
17.  Self stimulation
a.       Medial forebrain bundle
b.      Area around aqueduct of sylvius
c.       PV region of hypothalamus
d.      Radical radiotherapy
Answer. (A) Medical forebrain bundle

18.  Kinemyograhy is used for:
a.       Monitoring of neuromuscular function
b.      Monitoring of muscle spindle activity
c.       Monitoring of Exercise capacity
d.      Not Recalled
Answer: A Monitoring of neuromuscular function

19.  A politician is shot in the back during a rally at level of T8 vertebral immediately after the shot he losses all the sensation below level of lesion. As the examining doctor you realize there is no chance of improvement in neurological function this can be due to all except
a.       Lack of endoneural tubes
b.      Lack of growth factors
c.       Presence of glial scar
d.      Lack of myelin inhibiting substance
Answer. (d) lack of myelin inhibiting substance
20.  Which is True about dobutamine?
a.       Dobutamine decreases peripheral resistance
b.      Acts on D1 & D2 receptors
c.       Decrease kidney circulation
d.      Has no effect on coronary circulation
Answer. (a) Dobutamine decreases peripheral resistance

21.  Liver enzyme dephosphorylation to phosphorylation true is- 
a.       Always activates the enzyme
b.      Catecholamines stimulate it
c.       More commonly seen in fasting state than in fed state
d.      Always activated by cAMP  dependent Protein kinase
Answer is (d) : Always activated by cAMP  dependent Protein kinase.

22.  Nanotechnology true except
a.       Narrow emission spectra
b.      Narrow gap between absorbance and re-emission      
c.       Not recalled
d.      Not recalled

23.  No loss of genetic material occurs in
a.       Deletion
b.      Insertion
c.       Substitution
d.      Inversion
Answer (d) Inversion
24.  Patient present with skin bullae on sun exposure. The defect is of?
a.       Thymidine dimmers
b.      Trinucleotide repeats
c.       Sugar changes 
d.      DNA methylation
Answer.: (d)  DNA methylation or DNA damage can be the answer.

25.  True about RIBOZYME
a.       Pepitdyl transfuse activity
b.      Cut DNA at specific site
c.       Portiapate in DNA synthesis
d.      GTPase
Answer: A, Pepitdyl transfuse activity

26.  Test to differentiate in the chromosome of normal & cancer cells
a.       PCR
b.      Comparative genomic hybridization 
c.       Western  Blotting
d.      Southern Blotting
Answer. (B) : Comparative genomic hybridization 

27.  Enzymes fond in CSF
a.       GGT+ALP
b.      ALP+CK-MB
c.       CK+LDH
d.      Deaminase and Peroxidase
Answer (c)  CK and LDH

28.  Which of the following is seen in association with membrane raft
a.       Mannose binding protein
b.      GTP associated receptor
c.       GPI anchored protein
Answer (C)   GPI anchored protein

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