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1.                      Treatment of Ca Cervix IIIB include
a.       Wertheims hysterectomy
b.      Schuata’s hysterectomy
c.       Chemotherapy
d.      Concurrent Chemoradiation
Answer. (d) Concurrent Chemoradiation

2                      A female present with 8 week amenorrohea with pain left lower adbomen. On USG thick endometrium  with mass in lateral adenexea diagnosis?
a.       Ectopic pregnancy
b.      T orsion of dermoid cyst        
c.       Tubo ovarian mass
d.      Hydrosalpinx
Answer. (A) ectopic pregnancy

3                    In a study it is observed that the right ovary ovulates more than the left, all are possible explanation for the cause except
a.       Anatomical asymmetry
b.      Difference in blood supply to both sides
c.       Right handedness is more common in population
d.      Some embryological basis
Answer. (C) Right handedness is more common in population
4                   Patient came with vaginal discharge on exam no cervical discharge empirical protocol treament package is
a.       Metronidazole + fluconazole
b.      Metronidazole+doxycycline
c.       Metronidazole + tetracycline
d.      Metronidazole+azithromycin
Answer. (a) metronidazole + fluconazole

5            Leiomyoma of uterus, least likely change to occur
a.       Red degeneration
b.      Sarcomatous change
c.       Fatty generation
d.      Hyaline generation
Answer. (B) Sarcomatous change

6                   Which of the following is seen during heart disease in pregnancy and not during normal pregnancy
a.       Pedal edema
b.      Engorged neck veins
c.       Dyspnea
d.      Hypotension
Answer. (b) Engorged neck veins
7                   36 week a female present with amenorhea with blurred vision and headache admission,mx of bp with antihypertensives and delivery at term
a.       Admit & give antiHTN ,mgso4 and terminate
b.      Admit & give antiHTN ,mgso4 and Observation
c.       Only admit & watch pt.
d.      Give antihtn and send home
Answer. (A ) Admitt, give MgSO4, antihypertentensive, and  terminate the pregnancy
8          Test not useful in case of tubal pregnancy
a.       Pelvic examination
b.      Usg
c.       Hcg levels
d.      Hysterosalpingography
Answer. (D) Hysterosalpingography

9                      A 19 year old patient came to the out patient department with complaints of Primary Amenorrhea.  She had well develope3d breast and pubic hair. However there was abse3nce of vagina and uterus.  Likely diagnosis is
a.       XYY
b.      Mullerian agenesis
c.       Gonadal dysgenesis
d.      Kleinfelter’s syndrome
Answer.  b  Mullerian agenesis

10.                      At 34 weeks multigravida with previous 2 normal delivery now have unstable lie due to
a.       Oligohydramnios
b.      Placenta previa
c.       Pelvic tumor
d.      Uterine anomalies
Answer.(b) Placenta previa

11.                      Trial of normal labour is contraindicated
a.       History of previous classical CS
b.      History of previous CS due to CPD
c.       No history of prior vaginal delivery
d.      History of previous CS due to malpresentation
Answer. (b) History of previous classical caesarean section

12.                      Female with infertility dysparenuia cyclic pain, investigations?
a.       TVS
b.      Diagnostic laproscopy
c.       HSG
d.      CT/ MRI
Answer. (b) diagnostic laparoscopy

13.                      Beyond which critical value Shock Index [Heart rate/BP] in pregnancy is considered abnormal?
a.       0.9-1.1
b.      0.5 0-.7
c.       0.3-0.5
d.      0.7-0.9
Answer.(A) 0.9-1.1

14.                      All are true except
a.       Retinal hemorrhage intra cranial hemorrhage and subgaleal hemorrhage are more common in venthouse  delivery than forceps
b.      Vaccum needs more skill than forceps delivery
c.       Cephal-hematoma is more common with vaccum extraction 
d.      Less maternal trauma by vaccum as compared with forceps
Answer: (b) Vaccum needs more skill than forceps delivery

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