Monday, April 8, 2013


1.  Mechanism of gentamicin toxicity
a.       Direct hair cell toxicity
b.      Binds to hair cell Na+ K+ ATPAase
c.       Non-cummulative toxicity
d.      Bind to Ca+2 channel
Answer (a) Direct hair cell toxicity

2.  Rho kinase inhibitor
a.       Fasudil
b.      Ranolazine
c.       Amiloride
d.      Nicorandil
Answer: (a) Fasudil

3  Best agent for premenstrual syndrome management?      
a.       Progesterone
c.       SSRI
d.      vitamin E
Answer (c) SSRI
4.  Which is not a 2nd generation  antihistamine?
a.       Cetrizine
b.      Cyclizine
c.       Loratidine
d.      Fexofenadine
Answer (b) Cyclizine

5.  Expanded spectrum betalactam resistance drug used
a.       Amoxicillin –clavulinic acid
b.      Cefepime
c.       Piperacillin-Tazobactam
d.      Ceftriaxone
            Answer (B)Cefepime

6.  Lidocaine all are true except
a.       It acts on sodium channels in both active and inactive state
b.      It is most cardiotoxic local anesthetic
c.       It is given iv in cardiac arrhythmias
Answer (b)It is most cardiotoxic local anesthetic

7.  Unfavourable are all except
a.       Omeprazole-reducing acid secretion
b.      Methotrexate inhibiting folate
c.       Barbiturates-decreases vit B12 absorption
d.      Antihistaminic overdose is safe
Answer d: Antihistaminic overdose is save

8.  Drug not given to glaucoma patient who is on beta blockers
a.       Brimonidine
b.      Dorzolamide
c.       Levobunolol
d.      Acetazolamide
Answer (c): Levobunolol 

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