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1.       A young man with asymptomatic macules and papule over trunk and reddish patch over palate with a flat, moist lesion on glans penis.patient has generalised lymphadenopathy. What is line of management?
a.       Ceftriax
b.      Benzathine penicillin
c.       Acyclovir
d.      Fluconazole
Answer. (b) : Benzathine penicillin 
2.       50yr old male present with bulla on body and oral mucosa. Lesion present in
a.       Intradermal
b.      Suprabasal
c.       Epidermal
d.      Sub corneal
Answer. (b) Suprabasal 
3.          Patient  with urticaria on sun exposure.
a.       Cholinergic urticaria
a.       Atopic reaction
b.      Photo dermatitis
c.       SolarUrticari
Answer. (A) Cholinergic Urticaria 
1.                      EEG monitoring done in
a.       General anesthesia
b.      Regional anaesthesia
c.       Neuro anesthesia
d.      Analgesia
Answer. (c)Neuroanaesthesia

2.          ASA grade in hypertensive pt which is controlled
a.       2
b.      3
c.       4
d.      1
Answer. (a) : 2

3.          Modified allen test at
a.       Wrist
b.      Arm
c.       Elbow
d.      Forearm
Answer. (a). wrist
4.       MOST POTENT analgesic agent among following
a.       Nitrous oxide
b.      Nitric oxide
c.       Co2
d.      Oxygen
Answer. (a) Nitrous oxide

5.       Dose of which neuromuscular blocking agent  in a obese female requires calculation of actual body wt is required instead of average body weight
a.       atracuronium
b.      vecuronium
c.       pancuronium
d.      rocurium
Answer: ??
6.       A Child is intubated for craniotomy. During surgery after 2 min, bellows of anaesthetic machine collapses. Next step?
a.       ventilate manually
b.      continue the operation
c.       use bigger size tube
d.      Increase flow
Answer. (a) Ventilate manually 
7.                      A infant present with respiratory distress, was intubated. The fastest and accurate method to confirm intubation
a.       Capnography
b.      Clinically by auscultation
c.       Chest readiography
d.      Airway pressure measurement
Answer: Capnography
1                      True about MRCP all are except
a.       Entire biliary tree and pancreatic duct are seen in single MRCP
b.      T2 weighted images are used for bile & pancreatic secretions in biliary tree
c.       MRCP has less spatial resolution than ERCP
d.      Gadolinium based contrast is not used
Answer (a) Entire biliary tree and pancreatic duct are seen in single MRCP

2  Ionizing radiation affects which stage of cell cycle
e.       G2 S
f.       G1 G2
g.       G2 M
h.      G0 G1
Answer: C, G2M

1.                      14 year old boy is not able to get good grades on 9th standard exam. But he is very sharp and intelligent. Best test to diagnose his problem?
a.       Child behaviour checklist
b.      Bhatia's battery
c.       Specific learning disability test
d.      Child behaviour battery
Answer. (c) Specific learning disability test

2.                      In insomnia patient sleep most acurately recorded by
a.       Barogragph
b.      Kymograph
c.       Actigraphy
d.      Plethysmography
            Answer: (C) Actigraphy
3.                      Male started alcohol at 20 years, presently taking 3 quarters daily over 30 years, now complains that he gets the kick in 1 quarter, diagnosis
a.       Withdrawl
b.      Mallenby phenomenon
c.       Reverse tolerance
d.      Cross tolerance
  Answer. (c) reverse tolerance
4.                      Knowledge of own disease/illness in Mental status examination
a.       Insight
b.      Orientation
c.       Judgement
d.      Rapport
Answer. (a) Insight
5.                      Child not eating vegetables. His mother starts giving a chocolate each time he finishes vegetables in the diet. the condition is
a.       Operant conditioning
b.      Classical conditioning
c.       Social training 
d.      Negative reinforcement
            Answer. (a) operant conditioning

6.                      All are true regarding Fronto temporal dementia except
a.       Stereotypic movement
b.      Loss of insight
c.       Less than 65 years
d.      Changes in mood
Answer. (a) Stereotypic movement
7.                      Cognitive decline in old age due to
a.       Homocysteine
b.      Methionine
c.       Cysteine
d.      Taurine
Answer. (A)  Homocysteine
8                      A Young man is with known heroin addiction is brought in the emergency in unconscious state. On examination his pupil are pin point. What will be the treatment of choice?
a.       Oral natrexone
b.      IV naloxone
c.       Oral diazepam
d.      Oral Buprenorphine                                                                                                        
Answer. (b)IV naloxone 

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