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1.  Flow cytometry is  done in:    
a.       Polycythemia
b.      Thrombocytosis
c.       Neutrophilia
d.      Lymphocytosis
Answer: (d) Lymphocytosis

2.  Which of these does not indicate megaloblastic anemia  
a.       Increased reticulocyte count
b.      Raised Bilirubin
c.       Mild splenomegaly
d.      Nucleated RBC
                        Answer:- A. Increased Reticulocyte Count

3.  Myelo-fibrosis leading to a dry tap on bone marrow aspiration is seen with which of the following  condition
a.       Burkitt’s lymphoma
b.      Acute erythroblastic leukemia
c.       Acute megakaryocytic leukemia
d.      Acute undifferentiated leukemia
Answer: (c)   Acute megakaryocytic leukemia.

4.  Receptor on neuronal membrane that induces development of Glioma
a.       CD44
b.      CD133
c.       CD33
d.      CD24
Answer : (b) CD133

5.  CD 95 is a marker of       
a.       Intrinsic pathway of apoptosis
b.      Extrinsic pathway of apoptosis
c.       Necrosis of cell           
d.      Not recalled
Answer. (b) Extrinsic pathway of apoptosis

6.  Marker of myeloid cancers
a.       S100
b.      HMB45
c.       Common leukocyte antigen
d.      Cyto-keratin
Answer. (C) Common leukocyte antigen

7  Adult Patient presents with Generalized lymphadenopathy and blood film shows 70% immature looking lymphocytes
a.       Genotyping/karyotyping
b.      Immunophenotyping
c.       Bone marrow
d.      Peripheral smear study
Answer. B, Immuno-phenotyping

8.  Most common  fixative used in electron microscopy
a.       Glutaraldehyde
b.      Formalin
c.       Picric acid
d.      Absolute Alcohol
Answer. (A) Glutaraldehyde

9.  In a specimen of kidney, fibrinoid necrosis is seen and onion peel appearance is also present. Most probable pathology is
a.       Hyaline degeneration
b.      Hyperplastic arteriosclerosis
c.       Glomerulosclerosis
d.      Fibrillary glomerulonephritis
Answer: B, Hyperplastic arteriosclerosis

10.  Staining done for sebaceous cell carcinoma  ?
a.       Oil Red O
b.      PAS
c.       Methamine silver
d.      Not Recalled
Answer:(a) , Oil Red O

11.  Mutation in CoL4A5 chain the diagnosis
a.       Alports syndrome
b.      Good pasture’s syndrome  
c.       Thin membrane disease
d.      Nodular glomerulosclerosis
Answer: Alport’s syndrome

12.  Person having heterozygous sickle cell trait are protected from infection of
a.       P. falciparum
b.      P. viavax
c.       Pneumococcous
d.      Solmonella
Answer: (a) P. Falciparum

13.  Hyperacute rejection is due to
a.       Preformed antibodies
b.      Cytotoxic T-lymphocyte medicated injury
c.       Circulating macrophage mediated  injury
d.      Endothelitis caused by donor antibodies
Answer: (a) Preformed antibodies

14.  True all except
a.       Omega-3 fatty acid (abundant in fish oil) decrease LDL
b.      Atherosclerosis in less important in age more than 45 years age
c.       Cigarette smoking is independent  risk  factor for M.I
d.      Not recalled
Answer: (b) Atherosclerosis in less important in age more than 45 year’s age

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