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1.  Laser uvulopalatoplasty done for
a.       Snoring
b.      Pharyngotonsillitis
c.       Cleft palate
d.      Stammering
Answer- A. Snoring

2.  Cochlear implant is to be done if following is intact?
a.       Outer hair cell
b.      Inner hair cell
c.       Spiral ganglion cell
d.      Auditory nerve
Answer- (d). Auditory nerve

3.  Third window effect  is seen in which of these
a.       Perforated tympanum
b.      Dehiscent superior semicircular canal
c.       Round window
d.      Oval window
Answer- (b) Dehiscent superior semicircular canal

4.  Pseudosulcus in larynx
a.       Vocal abuse
b.      Tuberculosis
c.       Larangapharangeal reflux
d.      Chronic steroid use
Answer-C. laryngopharyngeal reflex.

5.  High frequency audiometry used in ?
a.       Otosclerosis
b.      Ototoxicity
c.       Otosclerosis
d.      Meniers's disease  
Answer:  (b) Ototoxicity

1.  Most common complication after lens extraction in persistent hyperplastic primary vitreous is
a.       Orbital cellulite
b.      Retinal detachment
c.       Vitreous hemorrhage
d.      Keratitis
Answer (b) Retinal detachment
2.  In corneal ulcer, what is not to be given
a.       Chlorophenicol
b.      Methylcellulose
c.       Flumetasone
d.      Not recalled
Answer: (c)  Flumetasone 
3.  Disability certificate for poor vision if 4/60
a.       100
b.      75
c.       40
d.      30
Answer: (b 75
4.  Patient was 20 year old male present with photophobia & Subnormal electrophysiological response?
a.       Stargardt disease
b.      Batten disease
c.       Cone dystrophy
d.      Chloroquine toxicity
Answer; (c) Cone dystrophy
5.  Protozoa can affect eye
a.       E. histolytica
b.      Toxoplasmosis
c.       G. lamblia
d.      E. coli
Answer (b) Toxoplasmosis
6.  Secondary Glaucoma,Iris atrophy, Fixed dilated pupil
a.       Benedict syndrome
b.      Posner shlosman synd
c.       Fuchs Heterochromic Iridocyclitis
d.      Uveitic glaucoma
Answer (b)  Posner schlossman syndrome
7.  Tonometer with variation in application surface
a.       Mackey Mar tonometer
b.      Rebound tonometer
c.       Dreger’s tonometer
d.      Maklakov  tonometer
Answer (d)  Maklakov  tonometer

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