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1.                      neurosurgeon in parent teacher meeting saw a child with precocious puberty and  uncontrollable laughing. He suggested the parent of child to get a MRI done to evaluate for the possibility of
a.       Hypothalamic Hamartoma
b.      Pineo-germinoma
c.       Pituitary adenoa
d.      Craniophangioma
                        Answer: A  HYPOTHALAMIC HAMARTOMA

2                     A child presented to the casualty with seizures. On examination an oval hypo-pigmented macules were noted  on the trunk, along with sub-normal IQ. Probable diagnosis of the child is:
a.       Neurofibromatosis
b.      Sturge Weber
c.       Tuberous sclerosis
d.      IncontinentiaPigmenti
                        Answer (c) : TUBEROUS SCLEROSIS

3                      At what age child can eat food without spilling, identify her gender, say her full name, can dress self with supervision
a.       2 yrs
b.      3 yrs
c.       4 yrs
d.      5 yrs

4                      A Pre-termer 32 weeks baby after birth had a respiratory rate of 86/min with presence of grunting. On examination there was no nasal flaring, mild chest in-drawing, noxiphisternal recession and abdomen lags behind the chest .Thesilverman scoring for the neonate shall be
a.       3
b.      4
c.       5
d.      6
Answer (b) : 4

5.                      In a child with rickets with deformity, when should a decision to undertake corrective surgery be undertaken :
a.       When vitamin D levels turn to normal
b.      When growth plate healing is seen radio-graphically
c.       When bone specific alkaline phosphatise is normal
d.      When serum calcium becomes normal
Answer  (b) When growth plate healing is seen radio-graphically
6                     Reversal of shunt not possible in natural history?
a.       ASD
b.      VSD
c.       TOF
d.      PDA
Answer( c) TOF

7.                      A preterm infant with poor respiration at birth starts throwing seizures at 10 hours after birth. Anti- epileptic of choice shall be:
a.       Levetiracetam
b.      Phenytoin
c.       Phenobarbitone
d.      Lorazepam
Answer : (c)Phenobarbitone

8.                      Correct about respiratory distress syndrome is:
a.       Seen after 6 hours of birth
b.      Ante natal steroid
c.       Term pregnancy
d.      Air bronchograms seen on x-ray chest
Answer (d) Air bronchograms seen on x-ray chest

9                     7 year old girl is  easily distracted in class and exhibits poor scholastic performance. Seizures are precipitated by hyperventilation.
a.       Myoclonic seizures
b.      Absence seizures
c.       Atonic seizures
d.      Myoclonia
Answer: (b) Absence seizures

10                      Best screening test to evaluate hearing in a neonate
a.       Pure Tone Audiometry
b.      Stapedial  Reflex
c.       Oto –acoustic Emissions
d.      Brain stem evoked auditory response
Answer: (c) Oto –acoustic Emissions
11                     One of the parents has a balanced translocation between chromosome 15 and 21. What advice will u provide to the couple to prevent a child being born with Down syndrome?
a.       Prenatal diagnosis &  advice abortion
b.      Artificial insemination with donor's sperm
c.       Adoption
d.      Does not matter
Answer (c) Adoption

12.                      Trisomy 13 , all of the following are true statement except:
a.       Bilateral mircopthalmia
b.      Neurofibroma
c.       Capillary hemangioma
d.      Dermoid cyst
Answer: (a) Bilateral mircopthalmia

13                      Which of the following is true for Wilson disease?
a.       High ceruloplasmin
b.      Low serum and high urinary copper
c.       Low serum copper
d.      Low urinary copper
Answer is : B>C

14.                      A child with low blood glucose is not able to do glycogenolysis or gluconeogenesis. Which of the following enzyme is missing in the child?
a.       Fructokinase
b.      Glucokinase
c.       Glucose 6 phosphastase
d.      Transketolase
Answer (c) Glucose 6 phosphastase
15                      Which of the following does not require a lumbar puncture in children?
a.       ALL
b.      HL
c.       NHL
d.      AML
Answer (b) :Hodgkins lymphoma

16.                      Bilateral proptosis is seen in
a.       Neurofibromatosis
b.      Leukemia
c.       Cavernous hemangioma
d.      Malignant fibrous Histiocytoma
Answer: (b), Leukemia
17.                      A child with fever and tibial swelling exhibits on X-ray periosteal reaction and raised ESR .What is the next step in diagnosis of the patient?
a.       MRI
b.      Pus culture
c.       Bone biopsy
d.      Blood culture
Answer: (a) MRI

18                   A child presents with seborrheic dermatitis, sinusitis and chronically draining ears. On examination child has failure to thrive with hepato-splenomegaly and exophthalmos. Probable diagnosis is
a.       Histiocytosis-X
b.      Wegenersgranulomatosis
c.       x
d.      Chediakhigashi syndrome
Answer (a) Histiocytosis-X

19.                      Most common cause of sepsis in neonates in developing countries:
a.       E.coli
b.      Staph. Albus
c.       Pseudomonas
d.      Group B streptococcus
Answer: (a) E.coli

20.                      A preterm baby with Patent ductus arteriosus all are true Except:
a.       Narrow pulse pressure
b.      Necrotizing enterocolitis
c.       Continuous murmur
d.      Congestive heart failure
Answer (a) : Narrow pulse pressure

21.                      A 6yrs old child belonging to Punjabi family with past history of blood transfusions presented with Hemoglobin – 3.5 g/dl, MCV – 30 fl,MCHC – NOT RECALLED
Peripheral Smear findings of  Microcytic Hypochromic anemia with target cell and reduced osmotic fragility. The probable diagnosis of patient:
a.       Alpha thalassemia
b.      Beta thalassemia
c.       Sickle cell anemia
d.      G6PD deficiency
Answer. (b)  – Beta Thalassemia

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